Getting Prepared

Our goal is to help you accumulate a good chunk of fitness building, base miles without pain or injury that will perfectly prepare you for your best racing season ever. We want to introduce you to our fun camp and to the friendliness and beauty of southern Alabama with its pure fresh air and smooth, picturesque country roads. We know that we can provide you with early fitness but we will work hard to also provide you with a memorable experience. We want you to make our camp part of your yearly preparation strategy.

Camp Preparation

The first step to have fun at our cycling camp is to be in a little shape (well at least have your butt prepared). That said, you don't need to be ready to race but I suggest that you ride (spin easy) on a trainer, rollers, or stationary bike for around to 1 hour every other day at least 3 weeks before the camp. Also add a jog, long walk or other moderate physical activity like basketball, swimming, etc. every other day. Remember the trick is every other day. This gives your body a chance to heal and grow and avoid injuries. Don't worry, if you come totally unprepared (most people will) we will ease you into the rides.

Make sure your bike and equipment are ready to ride. Try not to make any drastic changes to your bike or shoes before the trip. Just in case of emergency needs we have some bike parts and tools at the camp and the nearest bike shop is 45 minutes away in Montgomery.


To help make your trip go as smoothly as possible, it helps to be well organized in preparing your legs for travel and the trip. Here are a few things you need to prepare in advance for your trip:

Packing List

  1. Plane tickets, cash travelers' checks and or credit cards/debit cards.
  2. Your bike well maintained in a sturdy box or case for traveling.
  3. Cycling clothes. We have laundry facilities so don't over pack.
  4. Cool weather clothes such as: arm & knee warmers, warm gloves, undershirts, heavy socks, raincoat, wind stopper vest and light shoe covers. The weather should be warm but it can be cool at times and anything is possible so it's better to be prepared.
  5. Cycling shoes and helmet.
  6. Some warm gloves.
  7. Pajamas, casual clothes for before and after the rides and for dinner.
  8. Toiletry items
  9. Swim suit
  10. Sunglasses, and sun block.
  11. Camera
  12. Special energy drinks/snacks you are accustomed to.

Your Bike

Our guests bring their own bikes with them. If you like, our experienced (40+ years) Level III coach can make suggestions and can help you fit your bike for more comfort, speed and efficiency (for free as part of the camp bonuses). There's nothing better than having a bike that fits you properly. We suggest gearing of 39x25 to ride the hardest hills easily.

Local Climate

Weather in our area can be hard to predict. It is always good to bring cool weather clothes just in case. You can bring an extra set of riding clothes in the SAG vehicle.

Alabama Weather
Month November December January February March April
Avg. Temp 63 F 60 F 58 F 63 F 70 F 78 F
Record Temp 87 F 85 F 83 F 85 F 89 F 91 F

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