Camp Dates

While most of our rides are geared for folks that are preparing for the racing season, we also accommodate recreational cyclists by having a separate recreational riding group at the same camp. Let us know before hand so we can have others riders of a similar level join us.

Below are the dates for this season at The Alabama Cycling Camp. Please note that camps run from Saturday, February 24 to Saturday, March 31, 2018 for All Category Riders both Male and Female.

Date Category Availability
March 9 - 16, 2019 All Category Riders Open
March 16 - 23, 2019 All Category Riders Open

Camp Pricing Information

All Category Riders - February and March - Road Bikes Only

Length Camp Date Price
One Week February-March $800 (US)

  • $100 off your stay for all returning guest ...and welcome back! :)

  • $100 off your stay if you bring a friend. Just email us the name of your guest(s). We'll confirm that they have registered and that they're coming with you. (Max $200 discount, which means two friends for you and much more savings!)

  • All inclusive - food, towels, bedding and all lodge amenities included

  • MAXIMUM 16 attendees per week

  • IMPORTANT: A deposit of $200 at time of registration will be required to guarantee your spot in the camp. Deposits are refundable if cancellation is more than three weeks before camp.

  • NOTE: Check-in time is after 1:00 PM on Saturday with an introductory ride at 3:00 PM. All campers must be completely checked out by 11:00 AM on the following Saturday.

  • Team or Club Rental

    Facility is available to teams or clubs with 8 or more people before and after the dates listed above. Interested teams, clubs or groups are asked to contact Aldo at (720) 347-9290. Private groups may also rent the Camp under supervision of a mandatory tour guide and sag wagon. Please contact Aldo for details.

    Important Camp Notes

  • Casual consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted during meals and nightly recreation time, though drinking to excess will not be tolerated. As always, the use of illegal substances is also not permitted.

  • Waiting lists available for Full camps. Contact us for more information.

  • Camp dates with less than seven participants registered may be subject to change. If you are registered in one of these camps, your second choice of camp date will be accepted.

  • We reserve the right to cancel a camp with a minimum notification of four weeks to registrants. Registrants will have the option to attend their second choice of camp date. If this is not possible then a full refund will be paid.

  • Canadian prices contigent on exchange rate.

  • Registration and Payment

  • Click here to register for a camp.
  • Click here to pay your camp dues and reserve your spot.

  • Copyright Alabama Cycling Camp

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